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Consulting and Services

Meet the Consulting Team

We supply a wide range of professional services to deliver real process improvements to our customers´ business.

We understand and master the three basic components in any business system solution,  processes, systems and people, and the tight relationships between these three components is our focus. 

The services:

Management consulting
This is all about finding solutions to business- or people related problems, leading to an implemented solution that establishes change for the better.

Process consulting
This is all about defining the "as is" process, developing the improved "to be" process and mapping it to the underlying back-end business systems. This is where a great idea becomes reality.

Application consulting
This is all about knowing how to utilize the business system to support the business in the best possible way. IFS Applications is our application suite of choice, but our experienced applications consultants can help you get the most out of any modern business system.

Technical consulting
This is all about getting all components to work together, without any hassle. It can involve optimizing a database or setting up a secure mobile solution. It is only when you have a working technical solution that you can benefit from your business systems.

Project management
This is all about creating control and predictability. Our experienced project managers can either reinforce your project team and ensure that you realize your project goals or, of course, ensure that your own projects deliver business value on time and within budget.

Get to know one of our consultants: 

Three questions to Trond Bertelsen, Solution Manager at Novacura
Trond Bertelsen is a Solution Manager for Novacura in Norway since April 2016. He has a bachelor in accounting and a cand. mag. in logistics. Additionally, he has significant experience working towards customers in Asia, the USA, and many other parts of the world. 

But wait, what is a Solution Manager?
Trond explains that the customer often has a set of demands and expectations for the product. First, he meets with the customer to get an understanding and an overview for what their needs are and helps them define the problem that needs to be solved. The Solution Manager then designs and adapts the product and creates a practical solution to meet these demands. Following design comes production, which Trond is also responsible for. He guides the developers at Novacura and steers them into building the solution the customer wants. A Solution Manager has a lot of knowledge and understanding for his customers and their respective industries. For instance, Trond is specialized in logistics and has long standing experience with power companies.

Why do you choose to promote Novacura Flow to your customers?
When asked about what the benefits of Flow are for his field of expertise Trond quickly underlines that Flow is helpful in more fields than his. “The thing that is beneficial with Flow is that it is possible to streamline it for your preferences so that it becomes easier and more intuitive for the end-user. You quickly get into it and it doesn’t require much education before use”. Meaning that whatever business or organization you’re in, Flow will always be a good solution. When asked about what he likes about delivering Flow, Trond answers: “Because it is a fantastic tool to help getting pleased customers”.

What are the advantages of consulting at Novacura?
Trond originally chose to work at Novacura because he wanted to take the opportunity to work with a well-known product. But there are many other advantages too; “Nice colleagues and possibility to influence”. He also adds that Novacura provides a working space in a good environment. Trond feels proud, pleased, and happy being a part of the team at Novacura.

The Novacura culture

At Novacura, we strive to be courageous, to constantly try new things to improve all aspects of the company. We strongly feel that it is better to try and fail than to never try at all. Hence, we encourage new ideas and initiatives and we believe that a great company is built by passionate people - people that are allowed to pursue what they love.​ And most important, we work together because we like each other. 

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